Amulet coins attract money and good luck

During difficult times of crisis, people need psychological support so they don't lose ground under their feet. Thus, a common coin is a talisman that everyone can use and, according to mystics, is able to bring wealth to the owner, secure career advancement and prevent financial fraud.

Chinese coins attract money

History and meaning of money amulets

Coins have been a universal talisman for attracting money since ancient times: merchants in medieval Europe enchanted it in a special way, keeping it in a purse or wearing it on a chain like a pendant. The most powerful "money bait" in different countries of the world is considered the first coin a person earns - they don't spend it, they keep it carefully, and even inherit it along with the family business.

However, the properties of amulets in the form of coins are not limited to ensuring financial well-being:

  • Helping owners succeed in their professional fields, providing rapid career progression leading to a decent salary;
  • Protect your wallet from pickpockets, your house from thieves, and your business from being destroyed;
  • Help pay off debt.

How to make amulets with your own hands

The coin can be turned into a talisman that absorbs your energy and gains extra protection:

  1. Get a coin, a green cloth, a candle, and a wad of yarn of the same color. According to belief, green items attract money to the house because they symbolize fertility and sprouts.
  2. Find out when the moon grows (there is an opinion that your income increases with the month).
  3. Try to keep the pre-selected coin in hand more often (it should fill your energy).
  4. On the full moon day, spread a green cloth on the windowsill, put a coin on it, and light a candle. Read the following text over the fire: "The longer the moon is, the money will come, and when the moon is full, I will accumulate wealth. As it is said, it will come true! ".
  5. Put a drop of wax on the coin and wrap it in yarn so you can hang it at the entrance of the house or around your neck.

coin selection

Amulet of luck and wealth can be made with any coin or note, however, there are some rules to help you choose the best amulet to attract the flow of money:

  • Amulets can only be crafted with real money;
  • A coin picked up on the street, if the "eagle" is erected and picked up by the longer and longer moon, it will become a talisman;
  • Chinese coins that bring good luck with a hole in the middle;
  • The coins or first paycheck left over from a successful transaction are the most powerful money talismans.

attention! For making amulets of financial well-being, coins with scratches, chips are not suitable. Rifts break the item's energy cocoon. Money received dishonestly won't work either.

Amulet's Purification and Charge

You can recharge the amulet with the help of fire and water, as these elements have the ability to wash away and burn negative energy.


  • candle, candlestick;
  • Pottery and spring water.


  • Draw a circle and stand facing north.
  • So east is on the right, west is on the left, and south is behind you.
  • The candles in the candlesticks should be placed on the south side, and the tiled bowl with water should be placed on the north side.
  • The coin chosen as the amulet is placed in the center of the circle.

Ceremony progress:

  1. Fire elemental purification. To do this, you need to take a candle and drop wax on a coin, read the plot: "Fire is light and illumination. Fire is a radiant energy, a symbol of transformation. Fire is spiritual power. With this holy fire, I purify money and give them the power of their powerful elements: the power to destroy obstacles and creation, spiritual insight to achieve financial planning, happiness, prosperity and a fiery flame for everyone who wants evil to the owner of the amulet. I use fire'sPower Blessing Coin! "
  2. Water element purification. Dip the fingers of your right hand into a bowl of water, sprinkle a coin on it, and read the plot: "Water is characterized by fluidity and variability. Water gives peace and protection, and dissolves negative energies. Water is the power of emotions. Use the fountain of life. Droplets, I endow coins with gifts: flexibility, ability to make profitable decisions, business intuition. I bless coins with the power of water!

Now you need to recharge the talisman of prosperity: for this, you need to go around it with a candle in hand, reading a special episode.

remember! You can only move in circles in a clockwise direction.

Conspiracy text:

"On the road - transition, road - on the road, you, a coin, rolled around behind me, walked around with me, went to the closed doors and opened those doors. Burn with gold in my pockets until the candle goes out in the morning, and it will free me from lack of money. You, coin, shine with me and open the way to prosperity! May it be! "

Grandma's Conspiracy on Coin Amulet


The full moon's mirror conspiracy attracts others to buy lucky coins.

How to do it:

  1. Pick a suitable coin, hold it in your hand, saturate it with your energy, then place it on a circular mirror and let it reflect inside.
  2. Place the mirror with the amulet on the windowsill overnight so that the object is illuminated by the full moon.
  3. Say the conspiracy three times: "Money is to money, like the moon is to the sky. Like mother - the moon is full, so the money is full. Words, keys, locks. "


For this ancient ritual, you'll need a walnut shell, split in two, a green candle, and a silver coin. Put the coin in the shell and fill it with wax so you get a whole nut. During sealing, a plot was read:

"Money to money, mine is all by my side, that's all! "

Repeat 3 times.

legal ruble

This is an amulet that is kept in a purse "to carry money". It can be any coin you like that speaks in a special way, but it's better to take a regular ruble. It needs to recharge the energy of the growing moon by placing it on the windowsill, thereby increasing profits. Then read a conspiracy on rubles:

"But I gave a coin or exchanged it, so fiat rubles would increase my wealth. Money becomes money, and the moon becomes sky! May it! "

In the morning, fiat coins are put into wallets in such a way that they do not come into contact with other currencies. It cannot be shown to anyone, lost, given and spent!

with a green candle

For the ceremony, the ruble needs to drip wax clockwise, and the conspiracy begins:

"The grass stretches to the sun and pours its juice. So my wallet is full of money, rings, overflowing. May it be! "

(After the ceremony, take the coin with you and don't show it to anyone).

Chinese coins attract wealth

In souvenir shops, you can buy coins with holes brought in from China. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, in order to attract wealth, buy 5 or 9 coins, connect them with a red thread, and tie them in a knot for good luck. Such amulet hangs at the entrance of the house.

You can collect coins with the help of the water element. To do this, they need to be placed in a pottery with spring water and spoken (you can come up with the text yourself, or use an example):

"Just as water fills a container, so my house will be a complete bowl. The water is flowing, and the money is flowing to me.

Read it as many times as you have coins.

Finally, remember: for amulets and amulets made from coins to work, you have to believe in their magical powers. Yes, such an acquisition would never be superfluous. To paraphrase a proverb, we can say:

"Protection coins save the ruble. "

Good luck!