How to make amulets and charms with your own hands - choice of material, rules of manufacture, tips

amulet with runes

There is no more effective way to protect yourself from misfortune while directly making a difference in your life than by learning how to make a protective amulet with your own hands. This amulet is considered the most effective against evil. This happens because, in creating an amulet, a person shares his personal energy with him, and the spiritual flow makes the work particularly fruitful.

General rules for making amulets

Asking how to make an amulet with his own hands, a person already realizes that he will have a more effective artifact than spending money to buy. Amulets are no less powerful if their purpose is to be a personal gift for a relative or very close friend.

And vice versa, such a gift can only be accepted if the giver is a close person, and the intention is definitely not bad. An object can be harmful because it was created by the hand of a questionable mind. Therefore, you need to be careful with such amulets.

important! Don't give the things you made by yourself to others to attract wealth, because the owner's material wealth will always go with him.

When starting to make the necessary tool, you should have a clear idea of what purpose it serves the master. Wishing to create a barrier against the evil eye or alert to enemy intentions, you need to craft amulets with special properties. If you want to acquire material wealth, you should choose financial health amulets.

money beaded amulet

But you shouldn't place all the blame on the amulet, even though it has strong protective properties. After all, it should be an understanding of what is most desirable every time. Most often, women are looking for answers to these questions:

  • How to be successful in love?
  • How to get family happiness?
  • How to get promoted at work and start making more money?

Everyone has to choose their own priorities. It is better to focus on one wish, so that the amulet you create will work faster and more effectively.

Among them, love amulets are very popular. For example, those that help attract the opposite sex. The same is true for pendants and any other talisman that brings good luck every day.

what a handmade amulet should be

First of all, you need to take into account that it should be desirable to make amulets and amulets with your own hands. This determines the type of symbol selected. When it comes to gifts, the name on the creation should not conflict with the religious beliefs of the creator and recipient.

Many use ready-made master classes. Most often, amulets are depicted via pendants or bracelets worn around the neck. Regardless of their purpose, some of them can be made of precious metals, but this is not required. Each of them can be based on any material, for example, red thread.

To wear protection as an adornment, first they choose the appropriate symbolism, and only then look for items with the desired symbol. You can always make something yourself, using beads, beads, and any other decorative elements. For example, it is easy to find jewelry with a magical symbol - the turtle. But there are cases when it is easier to make an amulet with your own hands.

notes! A similar situation arises under the umbrella of a house or apartment. If you trust the opinions of the experts, the things you make with your own hands have the power to improve the living environment.

money for homemade amulets

To properly apply feng shui to protect items, you need to study the subject for a long time. But it is always believed that there are more benefits in making amulets and amulets with your own hands.

After identifying their goals, they began to create amulets to protect their homes and increase their material wealth. During the creative process, it is important to maintain a spiritual sense of gratitude for the things that help the family. She must not touch other people's hands, otherwise her strength may be lost.

Tips on how to make an amulet with your own hands to attract material happiness

The basic method of this matter, most people have. Because the ingredients used can be found at home or in nearby stores.

People used to keep these amulets hidden from prying eyes. They are stored in places directly related to the flow of material wealth in daily life. For example, it is correct to store such artifacts near the safe in the table section, the secretary with benefits.

The waning moon is the perfect time for this process. For the bottom of the amulet, a natural fabric was chosen, paying attention to its color. Auspicious colors should be preferred: green, gold, red or silver. The selected fabric will be used as a coin pocket. Next, choose an essential oil. For a scent of mint, eucalyptus or patchouli.

They take a running water while they do their needlework, and you can get a few bucks. Each of them, in turn, is lubricated with oil and placed in a pre-sewn bag. When making an amulet with your own hands, you should think about maintaining prosperity: bonuses, salary increases, gifts. You can form an idea based on the type of request to the universe. The bag is then sealed (sewed or fastened), held in hand, and mentally imagines how it will be filled with the necessary energy, and finally it will be hidden from prying eyes.

Coins as money talismans

It can be useful to have a bag with you from time to time to fill your imagination with positive energy while organizing thoughts about material well-being and prosperity. You also need to consider how much you can spend holding the bag in your hand to get a mood boost from it.

To craft your next amulet for profit, you will need a box or wooden box. You'll be lucky if you find one with a smooth surface - no drawings and no inscriptions. This is necessary to avoid unwanted consequences of not understanding the meaning of the displayed characters.

Next, the maker needs an amethyst, a Chinese coin with a ribbon, a few regular coins and banknotes. All of these are packed in a wooden box.

important! This day must be remembered as a coin or note must be reported on this day of each month so that material wealth can grow and multiply.

Chinese coins

Many people keep special trinkets stashed in their purses. They also work hard to attract money and fill their purses with bills with a pleasant aroma. To do this, sew a compact bag made of natural fabric. Colors As in the first case, choose colors that can participate in money magic.

They took three coins from different countries and a banknote, considering it was worth more the better. Only if you manage to prepare powder from spices, you can make amulets yourself. In the spice department, basil and cinnamon were purchased. VERY IMPORTANT – THE SPICE MUST BE GRADE BY HAND! It is generally believed that the more effort that goes into creating an artifact, the more effective it will be.

Then take the following essential oils: Pine, Nutmeg, Bergamot, Cinnamon, Patchouli, Eucalyptus, Sandalwood. Mix a few drops of each oil, put coins in the resulting aromatic composition, and forget about them after three days. It's handy to get a small container with a lid so the oil doesn't corrode.

essential oils attract money

As soon as the allotted time was up, they took the coins, wrapped them in banknotes in a bundle, and hid them in prepared bags. All the spice powders are poured there. This amulet is very strong and should always be carried in your purse. It is useful to periodically lubricate the coin with an ethereal mixture and "fill" it with positive energy.

In order to obtain material happiness, many women will make bracelets for themselves to absorb the wealth of silk threads. First, they used three colors of thread - red, green and blue. As mentioned earlier, the first two colors are directly related to the magic of money, but blue has an effect on the fulfillment of desires. Then everything is simple. Thread a classic braid and tie it around the left leg so it doesn't get lost.

rope as a talisman

The whole difficulty of this approach is to focus attention correctly on attaining material well-being. It is very important not to get distracted by unrelated desires. This bracelet can never be taken off. Despite its simplicity, it tolerates moisture well enough to not interfere with wearing any shoes.

notes! For those who aren't ready to craft items with their own hands, since not everyone has enough morale, purchased crafting items are also a good fit. Within the country, grabbing spoons, Chinese coins and wallet mice are in high demand.

means of protection

The safety pin acts as a talisman for many and has a powerful positive energy. Some even use special spells to increase the artifact's power. Dreamcatchers and God's Eye are often used to protect apartments or houses. In the first case, the amulet was used to ward off evil spirits while the family was sleeping. The second protects people while they are awake.

line money amulet

You can often meet people with red strings on their wrists on the street. This is also a very strong amulet that you can make yourself. Woven into bracelets and other components with protective properties. For example, the Eye of Fatima. While weaving such a spell, it effectively directs the mind in the desired direction. Thus, the artifact is imbued with the energy of the Creator, who represents its directional flow. The same thing happens in the case of gemstones, which astrologers advise you to keep with you. At the same time, you can choose the stone you "need" by yourself and feel it intuitively.

Any figurines located there serve as additional protection for the home. It is also "charged" with energy and full of magical properties. The conservation visualization process helps with this. For example, if it is a dove, then you need to imagine how it uses its wings to drive away evil spirits and enemies.

notes! Anything, like a photo or a broom, can be a home and family protector. At the same time, don't forget that items that bring good luck can no longer be used for their intended purpose.

straw amulet for money

In the past, housewives valued the stove in their home because the food was cooked on it and the heat came from it. The stove literally and figuratively "protects" the home. It is very difficult to find such an oven now, because modern housewives use gas ovens, but even this will work. To make a protective item, a woman must cut a lock of her own hair and hide it in a clean cloth. Then the bundle hides behind the stove while speaking the magic words. It is believed that while the family amulet is safely hidden, all family members will be protected by it.

Almost everyone made a charm with their own hands. They have protective functions and attract wealth. Crafting such an item is not difficult, you just need to give it power and protect it from being seen by strangers.