How to make a talisman with your own hands for fortune

coins attract money

Having such amulets attracts good luck, wealth and money to the house. Let's learn how to make a talisman with your own hands for fortune.

How to ride the wave of cash flow

The simplest spell is considered an unchanging banknote. Take the largest denomination of money because the more it is worth, the more money it will start to draw into your wallet.

A great option is a bargain bill or a donation bill that goes with your wallet.

  • First, put the money on the window sill of Changyue overnight to let it absorb the energy of Changyue.
  • Then put it in your wallet, not to be confused with other money, because you will never spend it, even if you find yourself completely out of money.
  • Put it where you can see it all the time. Always keep it in your wallet.

encrypted banknotes

Find a bill in your paycheck that has a combination and code that will at least partially match your initials, as well as your date of birth. Next, top up the banknote by performing a special ritual:

  • Wipe it with bergamot oil.
  • Use it to make a neat tube.
  • Tie with green thread and tie three loops at both ends.
  • Put a sprig of dried sage in it.
  • Seal the sides with green wax. Wax can be painted on its own, for example, with a drop of bright green.
  • Safely hide the created amulet, don't show it to anyone, don't talk about it. A jealous person will lower his strength.

miracle bag

Instead of having to patch a budget hole, sew a money bag.

  1. On Thursday, grab a small piece of fabric, preferably red.
  2. Sew a small pouch on your hand.
  3. Put money in it, ranging from a penny to a ruble.
  4. Keep filling it up.
  5. Drizzle with eucalyptus oil.
  6. Once the bag is full, tie it with a red thread and keep it away from prying eyes.
  7. Then, every week, take out this amulet, hold it in your hand, don't open it, let it be fueled by your energy, and money, good luck, good fortune will bring you.

Found coins are an effective means of attracting money

If you find a coin (except intersections), then perform a simple ritual:

  • At midnight (preferably Thursday) at moonrise, light a candle.
  • Say the following 7 times: "I will say a coin and I will attract my luck. The rest of the way I will find and come by myself. My words are strong, burned by fire, but strong by faith! "
  • After saying this, let the candle go out.
  • Always keep coins in your wallet.

Lucky plants

Money tree as a talisman of happiness

Even ancient people tried to increase their wealth. The Slavs used various herbs:

  • Cinnamon;
  • ginger;
  • dried eucalyptus leaves;
  • pine needles.

They were taken in equal measure, packed in linen bags, and carried with them at all times. As they fell asleep in a bag, they saw a plot to attract money and wondered how their pockets were filled. Embroidery is also not simple, but to attract wealth and fame. The precious amulet is tied with only one green thread.

If you decide to make a simple grass talisman, place it near the workplace but away from prying eyes. Burn it after a year and make a new one.

mouse in wallet

mouse as a lucky charm

It turns out that among the ancient Slavs, rats were associated with luxury, money. Today, many people keep a statue of a mouse made of stone, metal, or wood in their purse or bag.

It is believed to attract money, prevent theft, large expenses, and promote career advancement.

black pepper charm

Make a money talisman when going to a meeting where a major financial matter will be resolved, and when drawing the lottery:

  • On a piece of white paper, write down the amount that should be given to you.
  • Put the vessel on the window, the moonlight should fall on it, and hold it under the moon.
  • Then bend the sheet three times and place it in a container filled with moon energy.
  • Pour the black pepper into a container and cover to keep it from prying eyes.
  • Before an important event, shake the container with your left hand and think about the profit you will make.

Silk Thread Amulet

Homemade amulets for making money from threads

To attract money, you can make amulets from multi-colored cotton or wool threads. To make a bracelet, choose from three colors - blue, green and red.

Blue is a symbol of fulfillment of desires, green - to increase finances, red - will save you from various risks. Braid them, tie the ends together, and cut off any excess. Wear the bracelet on your left wrist or ankle.

A valid sign is a wad of money. Take any banknote or coin, tie 6-7 circles strictly in the middle with green thread or red thread, fix both ends well. Your money will grow and you will not be afraid of the evil eye and harm.

Dollars for luck, money and luck

Watch the video on making a dollar charm. If you have a dollar, then you can start crafting magic items right away.

Why do these banknotes have a strong gold-absorbing effect? It's all about the powerful symbol on the back of the dollar.

Bills folded into a triangle must be carried in a wallet. let's start!

Wait for the moon to rise and start making dollar charms.

  1. Fold the dollar in half to get the main line.
  2. Place Washington face up.
  3. Bend the upper left corner so that its corner lies on a straight line.
  4. Next, fold the bottom left corner over to match the top corner.
  5. Bend the right side of the money diagonally so that the pyramid is at the top.
  6. Wrap the rest and fill it inside.

For the money stone to have more power, hold it in your hand with the top of the pyramid facing up. Bring the product to your lips and whisper the mantra three times:

"Like a mighty river draws a brook, and the sea draws a mighty river, like a woman draws a man, and a man draws a woman, just as night draws the day, and the day draws the night, so you will attract the one who likes you. I hope so! "

Put the bill in the wallet, in the back part, facing you, with the top of the pyramid facing up. Never take it out, never open it, never show it to anyone. Your financial situation will improve in no time.

coin amulet

lucky coin amulet
  • Wait for the arrival of the first to fifteenth day of the lunar calendar.
  • Take 12 identical coins, preferably nickels, shake them in your hand at midnight on the hour and sprinkle them on the table.
  • Those falling "tails", remove.
  • In this manner, shake and remove unwanted coins until one coin remains with the "hawk" up.
  • Cut 2 triangles from the cardboard and cut a small round hole in the center of each triangle.
  • Place the coin between the triangles so that it is visible in the holes on both sides.
  • Then glue them tightly around the edges.
  • Hold the item in your hand to summon an invisible guardian.

Let the triangle with the lucky coin bring good luck and keep it in your pocket, purse.